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written by: Kirsten Frey; Transitions Life Coaching


What a super fun topic this week!

I’d like to introduce you all to…Nothing Bundt Cakes. This delightful little gem of a store is located on Fairview Street in Burlington, Ontario. If you live in the area or are passing through, do yourself a favour and drop in!

I was introduced to Nothing Bundt Cakes (see what they did there) by one of my personal training clients four years ago. It was my birthday and she brought me not one, but TWO of these deliciously divine morsels of yumminess. I’m not a big ‘cake’ person but WOW, these knocked my socks off!

For those that don’t know, a bundt cake is a cake that is baked in a Bundt pan which has grooved or fluted sides and a central “chimney” which is what gives the cake its distinctive hole-in-the-middle shape. There is no specific recipe for bundt cakes…anything flavour can be baked in this style of pan.

The bakery itself has the warmth and nostalgia of a home kitchen and I am greeted by a lovely young lady who offers me a perfect, bite-sized cake sample of the flavour of the month…pumpkin spice. Hhhmmm. Lusciously moist with a dollop of the best cream cheese frosting I’ve ever tasted! Only the highest quality ingredients are used to create these melt-in-your-mouth confections. What flavour should I choose? In addition to the aforementioned pumpkin spice there is chocolate chocolate chip, classic vanilla, red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, confetti, carrot, lemon, marble, and pecan praline. There’s even a gluten-free chocolate chip version so everyone can enjoy. How is a girl supposed to choose?? I finally decide on lemon in the miniature size known as a bundlet. Perfect for sharing with my hubby.

As my young friend packs up my treat, I wander around the shop, admiring  all the charming cards, decorator ideas, and unique gifts. There are so many ways to personalize your cake. They have fun and colourful toppers for every occasion. There is a table already decorated for Christmas with lovely gift ideas incorporating these tasty treats. Whimsical holiday mugs beautifully wrapped along with the cakes, gift cards, and the cutest little toppers for the bundtinis, which are the bite-sized version of these cakes. My favourites were the ‘ugly sweater’ and sparkle hats and poms. Great dinner party dessert ideas!

My visit was short but oh so enjoyable. I realized that it had been months since I had made my last trip into this friendly establishment. I promise myself that I won’t wait that long again. After all, next month’s flavour is snickerdoodle!



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