Ah Yes, the Christmas Rush

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Written by: Kirsten Frey; Transitions Life Coaching


Ahhhh yes, the Christmas rush is ON!

I went to Costco on Monday at 12:15pm and the parking lot was as packed as it would be on a weekend….Yikes!

This is a trigger for me. Default to feeling annoyed or impatient with the increase in crowds and traffic everywhere I go as we gear up for the 25th. It seems that everyone is on a mission. I see lists in hand and faces tight with irritability when others are “in the way”, or not moving quickly enough. Being in the middle of it, I can feel the increase of edgy energy around me and it would be so easy to follow suit…

I catch myself starting to feel annoyed and that’s my cue to breathe and remind myself…”Pack your patience, Kirsten”. Patience is my life-long lesson (still working on it!) and here is another opportunity to practice. Perfect!

So, I breathe. I take my pace down a notch, knowing that the shopping will get done eventually and it’s my choice whether I do it in a spirit of peace and grace or with an irritable short fuse. Today, I choose Grace, and I’m grateful because that’s not always the choice I make. I slow down and observe the people around me. I see a lot of distraction. People on their phones. People unaware they are blocking aisles as they partake in the many samples available. It makes me think how often I am distracted. How often I get lost in my own thoughts and plans, on the phone, unaware of who and what is around me. Beautiful insight.

One lady and I are trying to get in the same space at the same time. I meet her eye, smile and tell her she can go first. She smiles back and thanks me. I make my way through the store and at the checkout there is a lengthy line. Instead of grabbing my phone and scrolling through as I usually do, I intentionally take a moment to look at ALL the people I am creating this moment with. It opens my heart a little to know that we all have this moment in common. I have a light-hearted chat with the lady checking me out and I reach my car feeling calm and ready for the next item on my to-do list.

I know that I’m much more likely to be impatient or ‘crunchy’ when I don’t leave myself enough time. I like to be ‘on-time’ so when I’m not it creates stress for me. Allowing myself extra time during the holidays is a gift I give myself and by doing so, my more positive attitude is a gift for other…or at least I like to think so!

The flash card in my mind during this busy time of year, the word that has the most impact for me is…PEACE. I just love this word! It rolls through my mind softly. No hard edges. It reminds me to soften my edges. To find a calm serenity in the moment. To be in harmony with myself and others. A perfect representation of what Christmas means to me. I find this in my happy place this month. My home. Our living area downstairs where I settle in either with my coffee in the morning or at the end of the day. Fire on, Christmas tree sparkling with lights. Calm, reflective, peaceful. Exactly how I want to BE as we close out this year and decade.

I wish you all the happiest of holidays! And may you find moments of peace in the joy of the season.



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