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Written by: Kirsten Frey; Transitions Life Coaching


Here we go, January 1st! The year stretches in front of me like a blank page of a new book. I feel an anticipatory eagerness. What experiences will come my way? What will I create? How will I continue to expand and grow into this beautiful, unpredictable life?

What will get written in this new chapter?

As I begin this new day of this new year, my intention is to live lighter. To simplify and create space for new experiences, opportunities, and possibilities in all areas of my life.

CLEAR THE CLUTTER It’s amazing how much you can accumulate in a year! My first step to living lighter this year will be to clear the clutter. In honour of it being 2020, for the next 20 days, I am committed to clearing out a minimum of 20 items from different areas of the house. Anything that hasn’t been used in the last year will either be gifted, donated, or thrown out. Clearing physical clutter creates more space and flow and that feels good mentally.

CLEAN EATING The last couple of months have been filled with several birthday celebrations and the holidays which has been fun, but it also means I have been eating and drinking very differently than I usually do. And to be honest, I’m feeling the effects of this less-than-stellar eating plan. Just as I am clearing the clutter from my home, I’m ready to clear the clutter from my body and do a nutritional reset.

It might sound weird but I’m really excited about this! For me, eating clean means eating more simply, naturally. Lean proteins, lots of vegetables, minimal whole grains, healthy fats and three litres of water every day. When I reset my nutrition I also eliminate sugar and caffeine, which act as a false energy boost for me. Clean eating provides so many benefits…increased energy, better digestion, improved sleep and immune function. Simplifying and streamlining my nutrition allows me to feel lighter in mind, body and spirit.

FEELING GOOD Living lighter also means to tap into those activities that help me feel good mentally and spiritually on a regular and consistent basis. Going to the gym helps me get out of my busy headspace and into my body, grounding me. And it feels good to be strong! On good days, the gym helps me feel like I can do anything. On the not-so-good days, it alleviates stress and helps shift my mindset.

Meditation has become an important practice. It took me a long time to get to the place where I could settle down and allow myself to just be present in that moment and breathe. (Because you know…patience!) But what I have discovered is this is the gateway to my higher self. The path to my inner wisdom is that “small, still voice” that is inside me, guiding me. This discovery has been exciting, uplifting and even magical! It is teaching me to tap into my heart and soul. But the voice is elusive when I operate only from the intellectual, ego-mind or don’t practice. The key is consistency, like all practices that benefit us. So my intention for this year of living lighter is to create a consistent meditation practice. Ten minutes a day, minimum. Longer when I can. Tapping into the inner wisdom and guidance available to me and leading my day from that calm, clear, enlightened space is invaluable.

Social media is a great connector but it can also take on a life of its own where so much of our time gets invested. I find when my social media time is high, I feel distracted, scattered and emotionally heavy. It’s also a great procrastination tool. Over the holidays, I intentionally reduced the amount of time I was on my phone and it was freeing! I was more present and connected with the people, places and things that were in front of me. So in this year of lighter living, I am limiting my social media time to no more than twenty minutes in the morning and evening.

I am excited for all that this new year, the beginning of a new decade, will bring! I am embracing the space I am creating to invite in new experiences and opportunities. Daring to feel joy and peace of mind. Simplifying and enjoying living life lighter.



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