No to the Negative

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


“You look silly,” “You are not smart enough or pretty enough,” Do these words sound familiar? These words are the many negative thoughts that appear in my head each day.

I say “no” to these thoughts. I chose to look at myself through the eyes of others. People enjoy the smart, quirky lady I am. They think she is pretty great.

When I write I never create a character that resembles me. Why? Because I felt I wasn’t good enough. Today I changed things up. My new character is me. I am enough!

I look in the mirror and say “no” to those thoughts. I love every unique feature of my body and my actions. These traits are the sum of who I am. I am uniquely amazing.

The negative thoughts could consume me. I don’t let them. I have to let those thoughts go. This allows me to live a happy fulfilling life. I can’t be anything more than me.


Inspiration Challenge:

Write a character that resembles you. What is their super power?

Write On Ladies, Write On



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