Next Step’s On Me

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I am on a porch swing, but I am not looking at the view. I am looking at what is beside me, grandchildren. They are being their own unique characters, smiling, wiggling and giggling, as I read them one of my silly stories. A story I wrote and created. I am sharing with them a piece of the artist I am.

I envision I have a home where they can visit me. A home where I can read to them, a small cottage home with neighbors, sidewalks, flowers and noise. A place of comfort and love, where dreams are dreamed, loved and lived.

I am confident, strong, loved, and happy. Joy is dancing through the air, life is great.

Zooming in on this dream I see I have come a long way! I am stronger, my confidence is growing. I am dancing with joy. I am loved. I have weathered many storms and survived. I have made mistakes and I appreciate each one. Every mistake has taught me something, and helped shape the woman I have become.

I realize I don’t have a home yet. Someday I will turn the key on a home I bought all by myself through sweat, hard work, and tears. I will do it on my own, and it will feel amazing.

Today I focus on what I do have. I have one grand-baby with little red curls, puffy cheeks, and sky blue eyes; I love her dearly. I have the porch swing – just not on my porch. I have the time. I have the support system. I have five children’s stories completed. The stories collect dust in a box under my bed; they are patiently waiting for me.

The next step is all on me.

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Guardian Angels

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