New Moon in Gemini

 In Moonbathing, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Karena Osborne; The Witch’s Inn


The early bird gets the worm!

I love when the universe validates your intentions or thoughts. I’ve been wanting to host a moon ceremony in the morning (I know). Often our moon transitions into its station very early in the morning…so wouldn’t it make sense to honour its cycle closer to the time it actually moves? Then a member reminded of time zones. Ah-ha! Moon ceremonies are my chance to be more inclusive. It also made me think the universe gave me a little wink as if to say, “Now is your chance to hold that ceremony in the morning.”

This Moon ceremony will be held on May 24th at 9 am EST.

For this ceremony you will need:

A note pad or blank paper

Pencil or pen

A handheld or small vanity mirror.

We will be working on our reflection or our shadow side!

See you then 🌙💗

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