New Moon in Cancer

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing


This week, we have a second chance to make some significant changes concerning our emotional well-being.
On July 20th, there will be a second New Moon in Cancer. This phenomenon is called a Black Moon and occurs every two and a half to three years. The intentions we set during a Black Moon set the stage for a new life cycle, until the following Black Moon.
Coming to the end of this old cycle, you may feel very drained, with the mere thought of motivation causing resistance within the body. The days leading up to this moon, it’s essential to be focusing your thoughts inward on your emotional well-being instead of driving forward for outward appearances. Continue to ask yourself why, and check-in with the body when this happens.  As the moon begins to wax in Leo’s sign, you will find your flame once again. Set intentions that will assist you in moving through the resistance that appears in your body. Manifesting sustainable energy for the coming cycle.
Bonus Witch Tip: Black moons hold very transformative energy, usually marking a significant change in life. Like the caterpillar, before it turns into a butterfly, it must turn inward, relying on instinctual knowledge. Continue to pay close attention to the times in which you hibernate, either in dreams or meditation. Be sure to record the ancient wisdom that flows through your memories now. Know this knowledge has followed you throughout lifetimes.
So Mote It Be
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