Namaste: It’s an Attitude of Gratitude

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Written by: Kirsten Frey; Transitions Life Coaching

I love the idea of listing my ten best things in the day because it reminds me to tap into an attitude of gratitude.

I have so much that I appreciate and am grateful for. Warm summer evenings, dog sitting for friends, fresh local produce to make our meals from, nectarines that are naturally sweet and oh-so-slurpy I have to eat them over the sink…heaven!

But the one thing that is the most important, that lights me up every single time is making a daily genuine connection with someone. Eye contact with a smile, a friendly word, a lengthy conversation. It can be one or all of these but being fully present with another person is where the magical moments lie for me.

My son is home from university for the summer. He’s working hard making his money for the school year and spending what little time he has left over with friends. Almost every morning I drive him to work. It’s a short drive, often spent in comfortable silence but I appreciate that I get to see him each morning and wish him a great day. Today, before he got out of the car, he turned and looked me straight in the eye and said; “Mom, thanks for driving me. I know you don’t have to but I’m glad you’re the first person I see in the morning.” And off he went. Small words. Big impact. Magic.✨

My next-door neighbours have a two and half-year-old son who is a bright ray of shiny light whenever we see him. He is curious, interested in everything, and relentless as only two-year-olds can be. His favourite word is why. On the weekend he came over as my husband was cleaning the pool. We both have pools and his Dad has a super cool robot that cleans their pool but for some reason, he’s fascinated with our old school “creeper” as he calls the machine that cleans the bottom of the pool. Holding hands, he led me around the pool for twenty minutes wanting to know why the creeper was in the pool, why it moved the way it did, why it attached to the pool the way it did, and why Scott was using the creeper and not a robot. Some people might find that annoying, and I’m pretty sure I did at times when my son was young, but now I could laugh and appreciate the chance to experience those moments with him. To have the luxury of time to spend answering all the why’s, to be fully in the moment, experiencing it from his two-year-old eyes. Focused, connected. Magic✨

Last week I had two different opportunities to meet friends for coffee. I hadn’t seen either of the ladies for a few months so we had lots to catch up on. There came a point in each of the conversations when we went beyond the surface of work, family and summer plans and into a more heartfelt space. Sharing excitement, laughter, disappointments and even sadness. The space just opened up each time, both of us comfortable enough to be completely honest and vulnerable. It allowed us to move out of our heads and into our hearts. Compassion and connection. Magic✨

These moments of resonance are my bliss. They are magical moments because that is what if feels like. They light me up and inspire me every time I have them. And I am grateful.

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