Mooncast: October 30th- November 5th

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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing

Blessed Samhain Witches

The time of year where the veil is thin and our ancestors can cross the threshold and walk this earthly plane alongside us. This year we have an extraordinary celestial occurrence with a Blue moon in Taurus, holding the energy of our security and our values.

As our ancestors enter our home, this blue moon has an opportunity like the three fates to break ancestral cycles in our Akashic records (our soul’s handbook). With Mercury still in retrograde, have a heart to heart with your ancestors, asking what you need to heal karmic bonds, birthing a new life.

At the opening of this portal in 2020, we were similar to a zygote. We were filled with excitement, ready to do our jobs to multiply and divide our cells or our goals. As we moved through the moons, although still in darkness, our energy became concentrated or focused on areas that needed immediate attention, for instance, developing our arms and legs. By Leo season, we may have felt fully formed, ready to birth, but we knew we needed to wait and allow the energy to grow bigger and gain momentum. We collectively moved into the third trimester during Virgo season, experiencing bursts of Braxton hicks or false starts. We may have experienced extremes highs and lows, which all were preparing us for the main event. Labour. Over the full moon, we Birth ourselves, fully formed, into the world.

If you’ve birthed a child or have been present for a birth, you know it’s messy and filled with blood, sweat, and often some shit. There is no controlling how the labour will happen; even the best of plans can go awry. So how do we help ourselves during this transition? We stop clinging to the idea of control, which causes us pain. We surrender and lean into the difficult moments, allowing our primitive nature to take over and bring the child, or our new way of being through the birth canal. Deep breathes and symptom management. We acknowledge, this is hard, but trust we have created a safe space in which the labour may happen.  We know that should we need it, there will be a reserve of energy (our ancestors) to call upon when ready for the final push.

If this year and this portal have taught us anything, there is no fear of burning out when you work from your heart space. This means trusting you, your process, and your birth experience. After the full moon, this week celebrates the karmic bonds you have released, taking pride in the new life you’ve created. This time is yours.

So Mote It Be 

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