Mooncast – November 6 to November 12

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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing

It’s time to let out the Wildwoman’s roar!

Leo has been making a strong presence this year, often stationed in the significant four phases of the moon. Sunday, November 8th, as the moon enters its waning phase, we will be asked to shine our light towards our new perspective of life.

Understand that people go to the circus to see the lion, not their tamers. Their beauty, strength, agility and roar, leave the onlookers memorized. Ask yourself where you’ve been selling yourself short, listening to the ego tamer? This is your arena; you’re the star of this show. Don’t shy away from the transformation; this heart’s desire is bringing you.

You may have thought it was luck, but you’ve been practicing for this all year long, you’ve laid the groundwork and now is the time to show your skill. To keep you grounded during this time, remind yourself of your why. This will keep your motivation and heart space in the place of a balanced ego, the checkpoint for fear, as you rise to the platform. You are worthy of the love and light you give to the world. Receive.

As above, so below.

Witch Tip: Our magic begins from intentions, this week write out you’re why. This might be your first time writing out your why, but probably for the 100th time. Has your perspective changed? Growth requires change, and this means examining the inspirations behind our actions. Our why gives us the roots from which our intention may bloom.


So mote it be.



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