Mooncast: November 13th to November 19th

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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is a conscious choice. “ Heather Ash Amara

What conscious choices have you been making that delay your transformation? It’s time to dive deeper, step into the shadows, pause to silence that waits for you there, following conscious thoughts that will lead you to your answers.

On Sunday, November 15th, the new moon in Scorpio will greet us, asking us to make conscious thoughts towards the next chapter of our life. Mars also stations direct after two long months of digging deep to find the courage, stamina, and passion to birth this new chapter for yourself. As I have said before, the stars have aligned for us this year, reflecting how we are currently experiencing life and asking us if we would like to continue moving forward in this way. One way this may be showing up for you is how you schedule your time. You may have noticed that your time and energy are intertwined, both being very valuable to you. Consciously deciding is this experience worth my time, energy and resources may be a new concept for you, but it’s a deserving thought to be had moving forward. You are worthy of walking a path free of obligation, fear, and doubt. When we look into our heart space, we hold the wisdom needed to make our life path logical. Our heart space frees us from a competitive and socially mindset to be “On Schedule”. Consciously deciding, what do I want to experience next, how do I want to achieve this outcome, and finally what will it take to get there? Surrendering to conscious transformation can be a powerful process, that requires an understanding of what your heart desires.

Rise sisters, from the ashes, and feel how empowering conscious transformation can be.

Witch Tip: I have been moving through conscious transformation by scheduling my time with a crone mindset. During the new moon or crone phase in our cycle, we experience enhanced intuitive downloads. Scheduling our calendar during this phase allows room for the maiden to add tasks when she feels energetic inclined and removes the burden and obligations an overzealous maiden may have felt ready to perform during her phase that our other archetypes may not be able to execute. Working with the crone’s wisdom, we have the insight of all phases, allowing more alignment in our day to day lives and schedule. Over the new moon, set your intentions and your calendar for the coming month; how does this conscious transformation feel energetically to you? Resistance will appear. Keep reminding yourself that you are consciously transforming a busy schedule into a balanced schedule.

So Mote it Be


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