Karena’s Mooncast – May 21st to 27th

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; Immersion Coaching


Recognize. Release. Restore.

What do these three words mean to you? 


On May 26th, there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. An Eclipse season gives a chance to reflect back on the last 6 months, through a new lens. This full moon take the time to:

Recognize any patterns that have made you feel less than complete. Have you been dimming your light and love to those around you, in fear that your world may crumble? This is a measure of control, that eventually will lead to self-doubt and frustration.

Release and give yourself permission to live life largely. Surrender to loving yourself despite what other people might say about you and your story. Release the fear of being too much for others.

Restore what is in your control. One way to look at restoration is by knowing you are a human who has spiritual or intuitive experiences. This knowledge comes from our bones and bloodlines. When you begin to respond to the experiences around you, knowing you are doing what’s best for you and your community, you understand there is no need to defend your experience. It just becomes you. Find ways to bring this restoration back into your life, by participating in activities that fill your cup.

Bring the fire back into your life by standing out. Like the moon, despite what others may say or think, knowing it is not Ego that is driving you, but your inner compass of right and wrong.


Witch Tip: Tie wishes to your favorite tree. Allow the wisdom of the tree and natural rhythm of the Earth to assist your higher self with surrender and release. As you tie the ribbons marked with your wish chant:


We hold the wisdom of the Sun

We see the beauty of our Earth

To the universe that gives us life, we return the gift. 

Deepest peace to all, 

And we are all one. Blessed Be


“The Book of Kitchen Witchery”– Cerridwen Greenleaf


So Mote It Be



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