Mooncast for May 14th to 20th

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; Immersion Coaching


“Dare to be different” 


Is winning the end goal? If so, what does it mean to “win,” and how did it feel claiming “that’ win? Are you celebrating how you show up for yourself? Why or Why not? 

We talk a lot about the end goal, the ideal. We can see it, and we want to claim it, but are we able to see the story that will get to the results? The waxing moon in Leo asks us to celebrate our achievements honestly. It’s ok to look back and feel pride for oneself while asking, is there a better way to feel energetically aligned with my accomplishments?

Judgment is a trigger word lately, but judgment is critical. We require judgment to measure growth, sustainability, and burnout. By forming a healthy relationship with judgment, we can begin to ask ourselves, “Am I in a place where I can compassionately and critically look back at my ‘wins’ and feel happy about how I achieved them?”  If the answer is no, we need to use critical thinking, holding ourselves responsible for future outcomes, and win. At what cost, to myself or others, was I able to achieve this goal.

Over the Leo moon, shine a light on your past accomplishments. How do they measure up? Are they moving with your integrity or against it? Remember, you’re allowed to change your mind and your stance at any time.  


Witch Tip: Take the above questions and journal over the waxing moon. Is there an action plan you’ve put in place that needs tweaking? Take the time to make adjustments now. 


So Mote it Be



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