Mooncast for March 12th to 18th

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing


“She’s not your mother. She’s not a woman; she’s not even human. From the moment she went over, we lost her just as surely as if she’d died. They do not live for our benefit. They belong to Themselves.” Ananda Braxton-Smith, Merrow 

The story of the Selkie has often tantalized me throughout my life. When my parents brought me to the water when I was young, I would stand at the edge, mesmerized. Looking back, I’d announce, “If they come for me, please do not ask me to stay!” I was convinced that my blood held the same DNA as the merfolk. The vast and open waters called to my already wandering soul. Increasing fear in my parents’ eyes – fear their child would be lost to the waters and the cruel world which laid ahead. 

As I grew, the world warped and shifted around me, and I came to realize there’s a little selkie blood in all of us—a longing to find our coats and return to the sea. A yearning for the salty taste of freedom, no longer constrained by the allure human life holds. 

By now, many have seen a whole year pass of a life confined or restrained by the world’s pandemic. Longing for the old ways to come again and relieve us from the fairytale life we are living. 

Over the next week, as the Moon is dark, instead of reminiscing the loss of regular routines, recall what freedoms have been found. What’s shifting inside that may not have been seen or felt in the depths of the sea? What new coats have you been able to try on, and what type of person is emerging? When looking in the mirror, do you recognize yourself? The Pisces New Moon will undoubtedly have us feeling all the feels, but they don’t need to take hold of us. 

As the week progresses, notice the voice and wisdom you have gained from a year that forced us to focus on ourselves and our surroundings. Where have you found control in your environments, instead of succumbing to them, like the Selkie. 

While setting intentions for this lunar cycle and the coming spring, plan to bloom fresh with these new insights and understandings. Know you are free to go and be whomever you wish to be. 


Witch Tip: Revealing your true self. Find an old doll or cut a gingerbread-like figure out of cardboard. Dress the doll, stuffing herbs representing love, wisdom, and joy for yourself (lavender, rose petals, sunflowers, thyme) between the layer of clothing and doll. Sow or tie the openings shut. Wrap the doll seven times with fabric. As she lays covered, think of all the ways you have kept your most authentic self from you.

Every night for seven nights, uncover a layer of cloth and repeat : 

“As I remove this layer, 

so I open myself to the truth of who I am, with acceptance and love.” 

Before the last night, hold the doll close to your heart, whispering all the ways you love and accept yourself in all facets. Place the doll on your altar until after Beltane ( May 1st) so that you can honour and celebrate your growth. A spell from Llwellyn’s Spell A Day Almanac 2015.


So Mote It Be 



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