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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing

“This little light of mine! I’m going to let it shine.”

Happy New Year!!

This year the moon is stationed in Leo as we ring in the new year! Leo knows how to shine bright and lead with pride. This is precisely the kind of energy we should all be channeling this year.

I made it through the year 2020. I’m here.

Before you begin to seal in your New Year’s resolution, take the month to pause. Saying 2020 was a rough year is an understatement. Our world and the Earth is shifting. The Leo moon signifies that she was cracking open last year so we could all find our hearts and lead with that, instead of the roles our intellect tells us. Take the time to integrate yourself into 2021 by reflecting upon how your heart cracked open in 2020 and how you can lead with pride and vulnerability this year.

Each year I come up with a word or Mantra to ground me when I feel lost in chaos as the wheel spins. I found this works better than resolutions because it’s not a goal but a reminder of what my soul is working towards that year. 2020’s Mantra was “I surrender to my highest good,” basically, “Jesus, take the wheel.” Trust me, I had my fair dose of surrender this year, crying out to the heavens: “If this is for my highest and best good, then I surrender.”

What this surrendering taught me was that I have a lot more in my control when I let go, then when I hold tight. Who would have thought?

This year my mantra is: “As I Am”.

“As I am” boils down to this:

I know my heart, just like the Lion. I know where I want to end up, and I have a rough idea of how I will get there. In the meantime, I’ll continue to surrender and appreciate where I am, as I am, as this is where real magick is made – in our heart space. Don’t be afraid to let it shine.


Which Tip: Write a list of everything you are grateful for about 2020. Keep adding to the list all week. At the end of the week, decide if you need to resolve anything about yourself or if you ok, just as you are. Blessed Be


So Mote it Be



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