Mooncast for January 15th to 21st

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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing


“Our deepest fears are like dragons” – Rainer Maria Rilke.


This week as the moon starts to wax, be a student to your fears. What passion awaits for you underneath Fear’s fiery surface?

Be prepared for some fire in the sky this week as Mars and Uranus enter a cosmic dance. Mars energy is increased with the emotions of the moon this week. Stationed in Pisces over the weekend builds the excitement of the moon and then bursts into Aries on Monday, just as Mars and Uranus start to dance. Uranus is ruled by the sign Aries, so now would be a good time to SLOWLY lay some groundwork, with regards to your yearly intentions. Wednesday and Thursday the moon transitions to Taurus, giving us back our footing.

It’s very important this week that we practice what we preach and breathe before reacting to fear-based situations. You may feel like there is a sleeping dragon in your body. Find positive ways to allow this energy to be released. Our otherwise negative emotions can be amazing teachers when it comes to our needs. For example, Wednesday or Thursday you may feel the urge spend some money to bring back some comfort in your life. Before purchasing, ask yourself: is this impulse a true need or is it a want? Examine if this impulse is a distraction from looking a little deeper into your real desires and masking a fear you may have hiding in the depths of your body, mind, spirit.

Everyone says not to wake the Dragon, but this week the Dragon has decided to emerge. It’s up to you to discover what the fear is that your Dragon holds and what it’s asking you to uncover.

And so it is.

Witch Tip: This week practice gratitude. Start with all the dragons that are dropping out of nowhere and then congratulate yourself or offer yourself grace for how you handled it. Remember you got this.


So Mote it Be



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