Mooncast for February 12th to 18th

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing


This February 14th, the moon will transition from Pisces into Aries as she begins to wax, creating an opportunity to put love into action.


Valentine’s day may look and feel a little different this year. Regardless if you celebrated or not, the lack of celebration, even to gripe about, may leave you with a sense of longing. Tense situations within our relationships could arise; however, Mercury Retrograde could be helpful here. Remember to proceed with caution.  Continuing to take the time to respond rather than react, knowing the Universe most certainly has your back. Trusting yourself and your intuition. “Ask yourself, what would make me feel loved right now?” Then create a love action. Respond to that feeling.

The moon in Pisces from the 12th to 14th may have you wanting to receive love. Don’t be afraid to speak these needs out to the world to who will need to hear it. For example, I told my husband I would like some chocolates for Valentine’s day. I wouldn’t usually make v-day a big deal. But love this year seems like a much bigger deal. So much so that it needs to be celebrated. And for myself, I’d like my love celebrated by my partner with chocolates. I asked for this unapologetically. I then asked if he’d like to celebrate love in any way that day. Putting love into action.

Here’s how Mercury Retrograde and Venus in Aquarius, are casting the perfect love spell for you at this time. You know your heart, and you know you are learning to be you, one day at a time!

After the 14th, you’re going to be a love meter for your dreams. You know you’re a safe space for your ambitions to grow and flourish as the moon transition into Aries. With confidence, now is the time to start planning how your love will ripple into your world. Nothing is too big if it’s filled with supportive love. Can you recognize how you are listening and responding to loves cues?

As the week comes to an end, ground down in the confidence that you are enough. Feel in your heart this is exactly where you need to be.


Witch Tip: Create a ripple with your love. Share the love in your unique way. This could be paying for the person’s coffee behind you in line to write or mail a letter to an old friend—snail mail style. Search in your heart what your love ripple is, and be sure to put it into action.


So Mote It Be 



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