Mooncast for December 25th to 30th

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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.” ~ Agnes M Pahro

Joyous Noel!

Our Holiday season may look a little different this year, and the magic of the season may be hard to find as we are being asked to sip some eggnog virtually. So what does that mean for the magick and tradition of the season?

The holidays are by no means what’s wrapped in pretty bows or the stockings hung with care. The holidays are a feeling. An ancient feeling that comes alive in our bones at this time of year. We can feel our energy shifting, and with that, we want to celebrate and cheers for a year we survived, give remembrance to those who can’t be here, and perhaps the lighting of a candle in the hopes of the returning of the sun.

This year the ancient feeling is asking for us to reconnect with the spirit of old. To share stories instead of presents, break karmic bonds instead of bread, and find hope that may be lying dormant in ourselves. Charles Dickens wrote “The Christmas Carol” when the world was shifting, new traditions were being made, and old traditions were being filed away. He wrote the story to be recited every year, like a carol, to remind us it’s never too late to change or to find the spirit of the season that lives inside all of us.

With the Full Moon in Cancer on Dec 30th, take some time this week to feel your way through. Don’t get caught up in the “what was’, and focus on the “what is.” What opportunities await to be discovered, what hope will they bring, and what story will you tell in years to come, of the year we all sheltered in place so we would appreciate the presence of love surrounding us.


Witch Tip: Create a new tradition in your home this year. It can be anything; don’t make it make sense. Allow the energy to flow and see what magick develops. Set the intention that this new tradition will be passed down, story and all for future generations to enjoy.  Blessed Be.


So Mote It Be 



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