Mooncast for December 18th to 24th

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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing

It’s beginning to feel a lot like… Magick!

Welcome to the Winter Solstice! The time of year where the days are short and the nights are long, and there’s a hint of magic in the air.

This Monday, December 21st, we have a truly magical event happening on top of the Solstice, The great conjunction (TGC). The great conjunction occurs every 20 years, so what makes this year so unique. Jupiter and Saturn will be meeting in the air sign of Aquarius, switching it’s elemental meeting spots from Earth signs to Air signs. Jupiter and Saturn haven’t met in air signs for 800 years, and they will continue to meet in air signs for another 200 years. Transitioning from Earth to Air means our focus will shift from building a life of comfort to building a life that makes logical sense. Jupiter assists us will our belief system, abundance and can create miracles with sustainability for long haul thinking. Saturn, on the other hand, gives us the discipline to build sustainable structures and the ambition to go after these goals. Mix all this with the magical night of the winter Solstice and a waxing moon you have the perfect recipe to discover what’s been blocking you, why it’s been so hard to move on and create an action plan to move forward.

2O21 will be a year of drastic personal growth; this winter Solstice, be sure to pause and feel how this shifts in your body and the world around you. You may have already started to sense the shift.  Honour any and all thoughts and feelings that come to you. Lean into your intuition and trust the Universe is here to support you. Remember, you’ve got magick in your bones.


Witch Tip: Play with your intuition this week. Go into your body and hear what it needs; pull a Tarot or Oracle card to see if this feeling is validated, then act upon it. Before you turn on the car, ask yourself what will be on the radio. Explore how your intuition interacts with you, deepening your understanding of how the universe interacts with you. Start to cultivate the seeds you want to plant in 2021 based on the trust you form between your intuition and the universe.


So Mote it Be



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