Mooncast for April 23rd to 29th

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; Immersion Coaching


What are you trying to do?

Not who you are? Not what you do, not what people think of you? 

What are you trying to do? 


Are you getting to a place where your energy is asking you to do more? If your energy has started to drop consider the possibility you’re intentions are asking you for more action, to get uncomfortable, not to get comfortable. The famous sink or swim moment. Check-in with your intentions and ask yourself what you are trying to do with them. Are you showing up for yourself? If not, what needs to change?

The Full Moon on April 27th is asking for positive transformation. Creating positive change in our lives requires action. GET MESSY, and not being afraid to show up the wrong way. The moon in Scorpio wants us to change our perspective on the situation, not the passion. Honestly ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish or create in life? How are you helping your future self? How are you showing up for yourself, in order to create this change?

Keep moving forward with compassion and a love for learning in your heart. Commit to yourself, and be open to change.


Witch Tip: How are your Spring intentions shaping up? If old patterns begin to show up, take a step back and evaluate what the situation needs, not what has worked before. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you still feel aligned with these accomplishments? Rewrite intentions, with both intellect and the energy required.


So Mote it Be



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