Mooncast – February 26th to March 4th

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing


PIVOT!- Ross, Friends 


Where can you find more balance when it comes to achieving your dreams? This is the main question the Virgo Full Moon is asking us on February 26th.

Virgo is a sign of structure and organization. This week as well-laid plans begin to unravel, try not to take it as a failure but as a way to look at the universe giving you an opportunity to structure your dreams in new ways. Be realistic when it comes to your goals. Are your heads in the clouds and wishing your abundance bank to be full? Or are you taking reasonable action to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself? It’s not that your desires aren’t meant for you, instead, the moon wants you to stop romanticizing and daydreaming about your ambitions and actually go out and get them.

Venus has entered Pisces giving us the opportunity to really feel the love and passion we have for creating our “best life”, channel this energy into a little tough love, and getting real about what it’s going to take to get there. Weigh the options you can currently see in front of you and then start putting one foot in front of another. Knowing you can pivot at any time the energy is no longer serving you.

Forgiveness is key here, it is not a failure. You discovered what wasn’t working in order to open a door to what was, what an amazing gift to receive. Take the time to mourn or acknowledge your old reality, but don’t get stuck there. Finding the balance between what was and what will be can be tricky. Know that as you lean into the love you have for your goals these pivots will be less jarring, and will take less time in recovery.


Witch Tip: Make a list of what you would like to hold space for in your life. Go through the list and ask yourself if you have the space to hold the energy right now for each item on your list, prioritizing what needs to come first. Pairing less desired activities with desirable activities will help with holding space, and making those dreams a reality. Go get Witch!


So Mote it Be



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