Mooncast: December 11th to 17th

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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing

Self-care isn’t selfish but it is self-centered. It is centered around creating a balance between the self and the outside world. 

Monday, Dec 14th we will experience our second eclipse during the new moon. As the moon is dark we are asked to look inward to explore how we shine our light outward. Stationed in the sign of Sagittarius, examine the fire of opportunity that’s growing as we enter the longest days of the year.

Look inward for a moment and ask yourself if you are following the natural rhythm of the Earth (and self) or are you pushing through with a spring/summer mindset? Naturally, humans need to hibernate or work at a slower pace during the darker months. Conserving their energy for important, intentional tasks. Following the cycles of life, we bring ourselves to care, instead of scheduling time for restorative self-care.

This new moon will help us explore the wonder and magic that awaits us in the dark. Take some time to intentionally see where the narrative has brought you this year. Reflect on areas that you could have offered yourself more grace, understanding, and love. Ask yourself how your actions may have created an unbalance in your everyday self-care. As you set your intentions with the new moon make sure to add in everyday self-care through your actions, words, and thoughts. Where do you need more time to process before executing? Self-care isn’t always buying ourselves flowers at the grocery store or taking a restorative bath. Its also speaking our boundaries, following through with them, and tuning into our bodies to discover where we are today.

Find a slow pace this week. One that honours your to-do list without compromising your energy levels. Here is where we move away from restorative self-care and actually show yourself you care.

Witch Tip: Are you on the outside looking in or are you on the inside looking out? Intentional move through your experiences this week. Before executing any plan ask yourself, “Is this what I need to be doing.” Tune in to the body and see if it makes you shine inside. This is your body’s intuition asking to lead rather than be led. Practice this before setting your intentions for this lunar cycle. Notice if coming into the body feels more intentional as you plan for the lunar month ahead.

So Mote it Be



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