Lay Down a Path

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Patsy Lussier; Permaculture


The trees are in bloom and seeds are being sowed; spring has sprung.

Change happens in chaos. But faced with courage, change can help us blossom and grow in ways we couldn’t imagine.

This week I stepped away from my full-time work as I focus on supporting myself and the final growth of my human beans. I was overwhelmed by the amount of support offered in both a material and social way. So many women have encouraged me to speak up and ask for help if I need it, as they humbly admitted we’re not typically good at it. So, I’ve been pondering…

This spring, I have been gentle with myself as sowing the garden has taken a lot longer than previous years. But that is okay! I am getting gentle exercise, spending time outside, and holding space for hope for the fall as I look forward to the harvest. In reality, the slower pace makes me really realize gardenin doesn’t have to be work. There is no right or wrong way of doing it, as long as you keep showing up.

So as I plant a few more seeds in the next couple weeks, I want to plant one of community!

Consciously Woman has provided a positive space of reflection. And I would like to expand on that! Sowing a social network allowing personal ebbs and flows is simple genius. As I mention last week, gardens can serve us in so many ways, including an easy approach to connect with our community.

Rule of green thumbs this week: lay down a path.

In the physical garden I will be laying down fresh coffee sacks, as these are available locally as a waste stream diversion, and to define walking paths. Keeping with the same paths all the time, I avoid compaction in the garden. I also use these channels to flood irrigate from time to time as the water will find level and the path of least resistance. While not leaving any bare soil, it also keeps the weeds down!

And socially, lets be each others farm crew! Lets carry on a conversation.

What’s happening in your patch this weekend?


Go Go Green Thumbs!



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