Labour of Love

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Patsy Lussier, Go Go Green Thumbs



It can feel like a pretty big concept. Which in a sense it is, as it is so encompassing and can be applied to so many fields, so many aspects of our lives, like a philosophy.

So how do I look at sustainability without feeling overwhelmed by all its might?  I think of it as reciprocity.

That’s right. We, as humans, are in a relationship with our environment, our mother earth. As in every thriving relationship, there is an exchange here. One that can be based out of mutual respect, love and abundance – one of reciprocity.

Our environment has so much to offer us, it has literally helped us survive and thrive as a species for how many millennials. We owe it respect. It has been so generous with its giving’s, with its “resources”. So my take on sustainability is simply that we have a responsibility. As any relationship, it is an exchange, we can’t just indefinitely take. So as we receive it’s gift we can show gratitude, we can practice honorable harvest by only taking what is needed, and we can give back. Ensuring the longevity and balance of our ecosystems and ourselves.

This can still sound pretty big, because it is. Its bigger than me, it’s bigger than you, it is truly  about us as a species. But we are all leaders in this. So I try not to get too overwhelmed and caught up in our cultural fast pace, need for instant result and perfectionism. As any good long lasting relationship, this one too is based out of love.

That’s where we need to start, falling in love with our Mother earth! Spending time getting to truly know our environments. Once we observe its generosity, we organically enter in reciprocity. When you feel taken care of, it feels good to give back.

As we are all leaders in our lives, where does it start with you? What lights your passion?

For me it’s the garden! This is where I have truly understood the magic of this earth’s abundance. If we refer to the 5 language of love here, I simply offer acts of service by assisting in providing the right conditions for a thriving environment; plant a few seeds, a little extra water here, and assist in soil nutrition- and the gifts I receive in exchange! The bountiful harvest that not only nourishes my body, but after really entering this space of relationship, feeds my soul.

Sustainability is not work, it’s a labour of love, the reciprocity is what keeps us and makes us feel alive!

Go Go Green Thumbs!

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