Keep on Planting

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Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs


Let’s just keep cultivating, holding space for the harvest.

In our gardens, the work is never really done, but to me it has to feel like a labour of love for it to be the nourishing experience I seek and know it can be.

This week’s Rule of Green Thumbs: Keep planting!

Taking some of the pressure off of being perfect and having impeccable timing, it is simply a work in progress.

The garden is a continuity in which we can organically learn what works best by observing the patterns and the reactions to our actions. It also provides resiliency in case of adversity like unexpected weather. Because of the beauty and simplicity of it, we get a continuous harvest!

I do not have excel spreadsheets for my crop rotations in my own little haven of a patch, but I do keep a journal. Food producers plan succession plantings for efficiency.  With CSA (community supported agriculture), to offer a variety all season long, this is actually a key to success. So for our own gardens, for our own diner tables, lets keep the variety coming.

If you’ve been following along, wkke did originally plan our gardens, followed the weather and sowing dates. Too often though we stop planting seeds there. This time around, follow your intuition and get creative, keep on sowing!  Keep it light and fun, this is your canvas.

Do you have spacing in between your strawberries? Add spinach seeds. I over seeded my spinach this spring so as I thinned it out, I transplanted it in between my garlic.

A few peas didn’t germinate? Plant a few nasturtium to spice up your salads or sunflowers as an additional climbing structure.

Sow another row of radishes and lettuce mix, they only require a short growing window so lets just keep them coming this summer. I started with two rows of lettuce and they are now ready for the first cutting. I am now seeding two new rows, so by the time I have gotten two harvests off my first seeding the second one should be ready to go.

My local nursery is now having a sale on vegetable seedlings and flowers, a great way to fill in the empty space in the garden.

There’s always room for a little bit more success, more abundance.


Go Go Green Thumbs!



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