Karena’s Mooncast June 4th to 10th

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; Immersion Coaching


“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Joel. A. Barker


What’s your vision in action?

This week we are heading into the end of eclipse season with a Solar eclipse on June 10th in the sign of Gemini. The summer solstice is just around the corner, and this means it’s a great idea to reevaluate those new years or spring resolutions. What did you have planned for this year and what have you been able to execute? No judgement, just observation.

Before the eclipse on June 10th, take some time to discover which of these plans were a vision with no desire to create action, and which actions you’ve executed with little vision. Let go of these objectives, to help you discover what action would fit your vision for your life.

Gemini rules communication. In order to help you connect with your higher self and Spirit team, take some time to journal or meditate. How are your Spirit team and higher self calling you to help you create your vision through inspired action?


Witch Tip: Try walking meditation to help create inspired action through visions. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the Earth. Feel the textures under your feet and allow your crown chakra to open. Free your mind and be in the moment. What comes to you, and where is it asking to lead?


So Mote it Be



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