July 24 – July 30th Mooncast

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing



Welcome to Leo season. This year, Leo season is supercharged, with Chiron being retrograde in Aries. It’s important this week to stay focused – responding to life, instead of reacting.  As Chiron works his magic, bringing old wounds to the surface, Leo’s energy will be working over-time to incinerate them.

Both Leo and Chiron want you to shine like the star you are. Because of this, it may feel like there’s a tug of war happening with emotions this week. Having two major players, both in fire signs, working to our advantage, to birth the foundation so many have been craving.

These two firey energies will be giving the Ego a healthy dose of self-confidence needed to make this energy sustainable for the coming five months.

July 27, the moon transitions into Libra, giving us some balance so that the fire that ignites our direction doesn’t fully engulf us. Take some time over the waxing moon, to find the courage to say NO! Including saying “No” to yourself. It’s time to feel Lion’s pride, finding the courage to birth the confidence needed to live in your integrity.


As Above, So Below



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