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Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs


This week talking about awesomeness habits I originally was thinking of what I make myself do on a regular basis. Those tend to be my healthy habits, which support me immensely, the benefits are so incredible they out way the work, the commitment part. But than I really started thinking about these things that I do without even realizing it, that yet support me in so many intricate ways. These actions that don’t even feel like work, just what you do. One of these for me is composting.

Where I live now, we do not yet (big key word here, yet) have outdoor composting, but it is something so important and dear to me that I take care of my own waste. I found a process that what works for me, and I actually get help. I utilize Red Wiggler worms to help break down my food waste with a whole lot less space, and work. I very simply put any food scraps and paper product in a separate bin, bonus here is having to take out the garbage a whole lot less often since it doesn’t smell. Once or twice a week I dump this bucket into my compost bins in the shop. Than twice a year I empty those bins straight into the garden. Definitely does not feel like work to me. And magically this waste stream is transformed into castings, an amazing addition to my garden soil every year.

So the cycle effortlessly continues, leftovers feed the worms, that feed the soil, that feed the veg, that feed me, repeat…

Another lesson here in reciprocity and return of surplus, but we can dive into that one another day.


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