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Written by: Kirsten Frey; Transitions Life Coaching


Just over a week ago I facilitated one of my Vision Board workshops which is one of my most favourite things to do. The morning is filled with discussion, writing and coaching exercises along with a meditation to help everyone tap into the power of their conscious mind to create with clear intention and feeling what they want to create in their lives. We enjoy a healthy lunch and then the afternoon is spent having fun creating these beautifully powerful boards. What’s so interesting is that everyone comes as individuals but somehow magic weaves itself into the day and we become a mini-community. Connections are made, resources are shared, and inspiration flows.

My Artist Date comes courtesy of one of my participants. I always send a post-workshop email thanking everyone and sharing a YouTube link to one of my favourite Joe Dispenza interviews. Here it is again for new CW contributors and members:  https://youtu.be/v7KQsS2kLM4I

One of my participants responded with a couple of his favourite inspirational YouTube links. I haven’t watched or listened to YouTube in a long time so on Saturday morning I listened to the first link while I enjoyed my lemon-ginger tea.



Five powerful speeches. Each one meaningful in its own way. Each one creating a different experience. Compassionate tears, a greater understanding, a revelation, a reaffirming of core values, connection.

The forty-five minutes I gave myself to enjoy and be present with these speeches and my tea lifted my heart. It was an absolutely beautiful way to start my day. I felt so good that I listened to the second link in my car on my way to a seminar I was attending.


This is a Tony Robbins clip and while I am obviously familiar with who he is and have watched his Netflix special “I Am Not Your Guru”, I’ve never read any of his books or been to any of his events but I know many people who have. I loved this clip in a completely different way from the previous ones. Tony’s approach is straightforward, no-nonsense and high energy. It was exactly what I needed on a cool rainy day heading to a day-long seminar on a topic of which I was totally unfamiliar with and way outside my comfort zone. It shifted my energy to the point that when I got out of my car I was excited, completely open to all the possibilities the day held for me. And that energy stayed with me the majority of the day!

This is why I love words. In written or spoken form. I love the way they are able to shift energy, create connection, and inspire elevated thoughts, feelings and action. They have the power to hurt or heal. I have used them both ways in my life and I know which I choose.

This week’s artist date has been an inspiring reminder that I have words inside me waiting to be shared and expressed. Both in written and spoken form. It has awakened a desire to honour the creative side of myself that is like a little girl hopping from one foot to another unable to contain her excitement.

Here I go!



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