Inspiration Vacation

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


She summons me, even from afar. She slaps against the sand, flows through my toes, dances into my sinuses and overwhelms me with her beautiful. I want to protect her, keep her clean and safe.

She is mighty and for the most part can handle herself just fine. Her temper can be destructive. Still with all her might, she is my peace.

As a child we traveled to the Pacific Ocean every summer. I stepped onto the sand and felt at home. The ocean calmed me. She touched each of my senses. I played along her shoreline for hours. I felt joy and peace.

I understood her might and respected it. I knew not to venture out to far. In the cool evening I would journal. The ocean inspired my creativity. My thoughts flowed effortlessly from my pen.

Looking around I noticed how many are inspired by the ocean. There were artistic sand sculptures, beautiful artistic kites, and artists painting beside the shore. This childhood visit was inspiring not only to me, but everyone around.

Even today I can close my eyes and I am back at the mighty Pacific and my senses are alive and I am ready to write.

Inspiration Challenge: Tell me about a place that inspires you.

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