Inner Child

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Written by: Karena Osborne, Moon Bathing


This lunar cycle I have allowed my inner child, or maiden to lead my intuition game. I have been focusing specifically on the years 7-12 years old. The time when my inner child’s light began to dim to give way to grown-up me.

I remember laying in bed on my 10th birthday thinking, six more years, six more years, and I’ll be able to drive. Driving equaled freedom to me. There would be no one to tell me where to journey, where I should end up, or which road to take to get me there. It would just be me, my instincts, and the open road.

I wanted to bring that child-like freedom back into my life, with purpose. We all know children have no filter, they say what they mean and they mean what they say. This is the same for our intuition. However, just like that childlike innocence somewhere along the way, it’s filtered out.

Over the new moon, I crafted my intentions, I meditated and asked my maiden where she needed to be seen, where she like more room and what would make her feel safe to emerge. Moving through the phases of the moon, while nurturing our intentions, listening to the stories that needed to be told, I began to feel a sensation I hadn’t felt in years. This sensation began to fill my body. It was both calm and powerful, a feeling that had been hidden deep within my sacral chakra. It was my unfiltered intuition.

While working with the naivety of my inner child my pathway became approachable, my sacred knowledge became clear and the energy surrounding my desires became tangible.

By setting my inner child in the driver seat, I have been able to intuitively follow the road I’m meant to journey down. My intuition and my maiden free at least to hit the open road.



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