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I believe in MAGIC

Not the sleight-of-hand, pull a rabbit-out-of-a-hat kind of magic, but the magic I believe we all possess to imagine, create and transform. 

Growing up, on hot, hazy summer days, I would have the best time lying in the grass with friends looking up the clouds. Discovering a myriad of figures that would shape-shift into being, just long enough to recognize them before they drifted away. It was always the space in-between that was the most exciting for me. Juicy anticipation! Knowing that something else would materialize but never knowing what it would be. Then the satisfaction when it came into being. And the surprise when one of my friends would see something totally different! Having them point out their visions, sometimes seeing through their eyes, sometimes not.

I lost touch with my magic for a while. I was “too busy”. I didn’t have time for magic. I was living my grown-up life, working, being responsible. The funny thing is, even while living this very grown-up, responsible life, magic would find a way to peek through. Usually in the quiet moments. When I was relaxed for a minute and wasn’t trying to control everyone and everything. It would happen if I had just finished a fantastic run outside or shared an uncontrollable laughing fit with a friend. It would happen taking Michael to the zoo and watching his never-ending delight with the polar bears. It would happen finding a new path to hike, a fascinating new book to disappear into, a meaningful conversation. These were my “bliss moments”. Heart-expanding moments of complete happiness and joy!


These fleeting moments highlighted for me how powerfully alive and connected I was. In these moments the magic flowed easily, effortlessly. Drifting in like those cloud shapes from so long ago, lingering for a few moments and dissolving away. I wanted to experience this delicious flow more often! So how? How do I create the opportunity for the magic to flow more consistently? 


I believe magic is possible in every moment. And I believe that connection is the way to a magical life. The more I get out of my head and into my heart, the more I create opportunities for magic to happen. I’ve learned that meditation is the key for me to do this. When I practice first thing in the morning and connect to who I want to be and what I want to create and actually feel it, those are the days I experience connection, flow, and magical moments in my outer world. Living from a place of inspiration, intention, and eager anticipation…knowing that if I create it within in me first, I will experience it in my life! 

But, I’m human. (Ha, I’m actually singing that song from Human League in my head!)

Sometimes I default back to the ingrained patterns of behaviour I’ve developed over this lifetime. Like not practicing my meditation, or going to the gym, or eating as healthy as I know how, or procrastinating, or zoning out when someone is talking to me. But I’m learning not to judge myself when this happens. I’m getting better at recognizing when I’m defaulting and that’s the moment when I can choose to reconnect or not. And here’s the thing, it’s always my choice. I can stay in the comfort zone, unconscious, or I can choose to move consciously into a more expanded way of being. Connected, clear, MAGICAL!

Written by: Kirsten Frey

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