I’m Good With Me

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


Summer is in full swing and restrictions lifting means outdoor barbecues and sipping on summer cocktails.  Catching up with loved ones with a cheers here and a snack there. It’s wonderful to see people again. The social habit of a drink here, a snack there though seems to be catching up with me.

When your stretchy pants aren’t so stretchy there is no need to step on the scale I know it’s time to get back to being aware. It’s interesting that despite being out of socializing practice for so long, the old habits seem to find their way back rather quickly and almost without knowing it.

Maybe for you it’s something different. My hubby for instance has gone back to smoking. At first I can get really angry and frustrated given he was a non smoker for a really long time but then the mirror shows me how quickly too many snacks and cocktails creeped in without my presence either. And so I show him grace and compassion as he struggles to create healthier habits and as he struggles with his inward commentary. I immediately go back to the ho’oponopono.  I love that this forgiveness process is about clearing the air between 2 people. It’s about returning to state of neutrality. It’s not about blame or rightness or wrongness but instead compassion for letting go.

The beauty is turning the practice to myself. So while I can and have been clearing the energy between my hubby and I for instance, I can also turn that compassion inwards. I don’t regret the snacks and social drinks. And I am now aware of my tighter pants. No sense in beating myself up. Time to forgive myself, to release myself of the negative self talk that really leads nowhere, and move on.

What are you holding yourself hostage over? Where can you use a little self forgiveness? Tune into that this week and into this 5 minute ho’oponopono meditation.






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