I Give You My Word

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What do I wish my legacy to be? What lasting impression do I hope to leave everyone I meet with?

Wow, excellent question and one that got the ole hamster on the brain-wheel doing double-time! I have been described as being honest, straightforward, strong, confident, kind and wise. All very complimentary, but what does it mean? When I distill it down to one word I come up with integrity.

I am a straight-shooter, I always have been. I’m also an idealist. I believe in magic, possibilities, and intuitive guidance. I believe we create our own reality and I believe in taking responsibility for our actions. I believe that when we give our word it means something. I also believe that sometimes we have to honour ourselves first. I believe that when we live our authentic truth we stand as a beacon for others to do the same. I believe that we are all necessary pieces in life’s giant puzzle and I recognize and celebrate the brilliance of your piece! Practical Intuitive. Straightforward Spiritualist. Weird and wonderful combinations that I have been growing into my whole life.

I think the gift that I am able to give and the impression I leave, whether it’s for my family, friends, or clients is that they can count on me. Regardless of what they are experiencing in their lives, I have always held the space for their highest good, the goals and dreams they’ve shared with me. Whether they are in the light or darkness, in agony or ecstasy, I’m there. I can high five them or kick their butt. I’m equal doses of tough love and enthusiastic support. It’s easy and fun to share the successes and joys in life so maybe the real gift is to be able to hold that space when life isn’t all bright and shiny. I can sit with the ugly feelings, the shadow side, the ugly duckling transformation into the beautiful swan. I don’t let them shrink back to the comfort zone while they build their confidence and courage to level up to the next expanded version of who they want to be, do and have.

Written by: Kirsten Frey; Vision Quest

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