I Am Amazing!

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Written by: Kirsten Frey; Transitions Life Coaching


“Your legacy is every life you touch” —Oprah

I am amazing!

Yes, I’m saying it loud and proud. Finally.

Because this is exactly what I say to others…”You are amazing!


From the heart.

With great enthusiasm and sincerity.

It’s always been easy for me to see the light in other people. Their gifts, talents, and ways of being that are so unique and individual. I find people fascinating. I want to know who you are, what’s your story, how did you get here? What lights you up? Who inspires you? What do you want to be when you grow up?

No matter how different we are as individuals, there is always something that we have in common, something that connects us. And I enjoy discovering what that is!

Yesterday I attended a luncheon with a group of ladies I had never met before. I was at the end of the table and could only chat with the two ladies closest to me. The things I learned in an hour! One lady has a home business cooking Spanish food for home parties and events. She is Spanish born but has lived in Canada for most of her life. Her love for her homeland has created a business she loves and is expanding. In May 2020 she is co-hosting a tour to Spain. A villa has been rented. Organized day trips to local villages and markets, away from the major centres. Tapas, wine and sherry tastings. And then a cooking class for dinner back at the villa using the ingredients purchased that day. A truly authentic Spanish experience. Our connection…cooking and comparing notes on Spain. Amazing!

My other seat mate has been on a fitness journey this year. While she has gone to a gym off and on over the years for classes and cardio, this year she has taken up strength training and has lost 37 pounds and changed her shape. Amazing! We had an interesting conversation around our connection to nutrition and fitness. I was able to answer questions and point her in the direction of some helpful resources. We sat down as strangers and left as acquaintances, each of us filled up from the connected conversation and delicious meal we shared.

This past weekend I was honoured to co-host a women’s retreat. It was my friend’s vision to do an event like this and she invited me in early summer to co-create it with her. My original thought was Hell, no! I don’t know anything about running a retreat and I wasn’t even sure what I could offer. But my word for 2019 is “expanding”…which has helped me to say yes to far more things this year. So we expanded on her vision for a restorative weekend for busy women. An opportunity for them to press pause on their life and refill their own hearts and minds so they could return to their lives feeling refreshed and reconnected to the amazing women they are.

We provided daily workshops, yoga and meditation, time to journal, and free time to rest or go for a hike since Mother Nature gave us a truly incredible weekend! We had a releasing ceremony with a bonfire and a pyjama and popcorn movie night. Ten of us came together and created a weekend filled with new connections and friendships, shared stories, lots of laughter, a few tears, new insights and understanding, healing and gentle support. Most of the time retreats are an enjoyable experience and then everyone goes back to their life. The connections made here have created a Facebook group and plans for dinner next month.

These women were amazing, my co-host was amazing, and yes, I was amazing! For feeling the fear and doing it anyway. For acknowledging that I don’t have to always be the leader. For providing support for these women, including my friend. For being a positive contribution to the success of the retreat. A retreat that came from desire and intention and manifested into a magical weekend.

And that’s the thing with authentic connection. We feel it. It’s special because life is busy and we sometimes live by default instead of by design. So when we are touched by an authentic connection with another person, we have each added to our legacy.


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