Greening Up My World

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Written by: Kirsten Frey; Vision Quest

I like watching the rain more than I like being out in it. I’ve always enjoyed sitting on our front porch watching the rain, especially thunderstorms like the one we had last week. After the hush and quiet of winter here is a reminder that we are alive! Thunder booming, sheets of rain hitting the ground, sounds I haven’t heard for months. Some don’t like April because of the rain. I understand this. Several days of rain can feel gloomy and it’s definitely messy.

I went for a run a couple of days ago. The first half of the run felt like I was tempting fate, it had been raining for two days straight and there was a lull. I felt great, finding my stride, the weather cool but comfortable. Halfway around my route, the rain started again, slow at first but within a few minutes, I was in a full-on deluge! Normally I would have gotten in my head, cursing myself for thinking I could get through the run without getting wet. I was completely soaked, my feet squishing inside my new running shoes. There was no other way to get home but to keep going. I could complain and moan to myself and be miserable or I could accept that “it is what it is” without beating myself up for my decision. I chose the latter. I walked the last 20 minutes, in the pouring rain, amazed at how many worms and snails were out on the sidewalks. I made it a mission to move the snails to the grass so they wouldn’t get stepped on. I made it home, peeled off my clothes, and I can tell you the hot shower felt like heaven!

I put on some comfy clothes and spent the next couple of hours reading a novel, another one of my favourite rainy day activities. There’s just something about a rainy day that makes it alright for me to kick back and read for fun!

I love April showers. They wash away the grit and sand from the winter and the grass magically turns green within a few days. Tiny buds begin to spring from branches and shoots begin to stretch up from the garden. It seems like in a short span of time everything goes from brown and grey to green! All of nature waking up after it’s long winter nap.

“April showers bring May flowers” is a ditty for a reason. I love the “greening” up of my world. It brings a sense of anticipation, it’s time to get moving, to be in action. Neighbours stopping to chat while they walk their dogs; kids out on their bikes, playing tag and hide and seek. Birds chirping. Everyone wants to be outside and is willing to take a little time to reconnect. It feels hopeful and a little bit magical.

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