For the Love of Apples

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Did you know there are more than a hundred types of apples, and that some of these varieties of apples have become extinct? An apple detective set out to possibly find these so-called extinct apples. He came to Washington and found that five types of the apples thought to be extinct, still existed. He used old fair records to locate the families and eventually the orchards.

My love of apples and my love of the apple detective’s story peaked my curiosity. I decided to take myself to the fair for my artist date. I chose a small county fair with beautiful grass, nicely paved sidewalks, barns for the animals, rodeo grounds, carnival area, outdoor gazebo, live music, and buildings full of various art displays.

The minute I pulled up to the fairgrounds I lost all cell connection. I was on a date with no cell service, perfect. I was checked out from the real world and into history.

In the middle of the fairgrounds is an old, restored school house. Walking through the building I could feel the history. As I walked into the very back room of the school house, I was reminded of the time I was at the grocery store with my son, when he was five. We saw his teacher there buying groceries. He was shocked and said, “the school let you leave.” She laughed – he thought she lived there and the school provided all her meals. Well, in the back of this old school house is the teacher’s room; the teacher did live in this school at one time.

Walking along the beautiful paved paths surrounded by the beautiful green grass, the smell of fair food, and animals filled the air. I could also smell history. The fair used to be a big deal; it was a gathering place for people. They shared music, art, food, and many stories. This was a life line for them. I wonder if technology and instant communication will eventually make places like the fair extinct?

While taking in all the different pieces of art, I enjoyed an apple dipped in caramel. The sweetness was just what I needed. The art work was amazing. I was especially impressed with the grain murals, which were created using different types of grain from the crops grown in the community. The detail put into each one was astonishing. These large pieces are completed using several artists, people working together in harmony to create beauty. I enjoyed the displays, the great needle work, handmade clothes, quilts, cakes, fruit, recipes, and photographs.

These county fairs are more than animals, carnival rides, and food. I discovered history. The fair even had a building dedicated to the history of the community, complete with old photos. I love photos.

My day out filled my spirit with many things I love, apples, art, music, history, and photos. My soul was filled with appreciation and love. I wonder if someday the world can be filled with peace and harmony like the different types of grain. Each piece of grain is unique, yet they all fit together to form a beautiful piece of art.

Written by Collette Cottingham; Guardian Angels

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