Feeling Alive

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Patsy Lussier

Everything I do is so I can feel a certain way. So I can feel alive! At ease, calm, excited, joyful, connected. So I feel like I belong. I belong here on this planet, here with my peeps. Here in my community and in this natural world, I am a part of it.

In this year of isolation lets be honest we have seen the toll on mental health. This really only shine the light on the importance of interconnectivity, of our human story, our culture, and the permanence of our culture. Let’s take this moment in time, this global slow down, to take a breath, a nice long deep breath, and realize what is truly important. What is important to you as a person, to us a species, and find your community. There is so much magic in surrounding yourself with like-mindedness.

This week I simply had the most beautiful reminder that everything is connected, just take the first step. I was feeling a little low, so I reached out to a friend of mine, you know that friend that you are not in each others everyday life but yet you are so close, that kindred spirit. I wanted to get my hands in the dirt. I am such an action person and since I’ve been moving slower these days, I knew busy hands would make me feel better. Since it’s too early to garden but her family farm is already in full force, even better to offer act of service and take action out of love and for other.  So even though we had an overcast day with hail, it was warm and cozy in the greenhouse.

As we were transplanting tomatoes, we were obviously chit chatting away. As I told her about my new concoction for my stretch mark soothing balm, her smile exploded. She had a gift for me! She wasn’t sure if she was going to share but in that moment she knew she wanted to. Ha, am I ever honored she did! Have you seen this painting, yes the pic up here. She made that for me!

She said I was the inspiration, but now I’m the one inspired. Inspired by her creativity, her skills, her kindness, her gentleness, and how she can make me feel. Wow. Receiving was a tingling in my tummy, warming my heart feeling.  Yes without her even originally knowing, those are all the flowers and herbs I used in my lotion! I also had infused them all in the sunlight, in sunflower oil. Sunflowers also always make me think of my father. And, oh the cycle of life, as I think about him so much as I am carrying his grand children. Without ever meeting they will know each other, they are family, they are connected through me.

That afternoon was the outer most beautiful reminder that everything in this life is connected. And it’s all about feelings. Chase one good feeling and it will unravel into a beautiful experience! Life with all it’s intricacies.

This week I have really been looking inwards at these feelings, at what truly drives me. What is passion, what does it feel like? It is my human, true north.

Again there is so much complexity in this world, but if we start simply and let the interconnections happen, it can be done in flow and with ease.

This spring again instead of springing into fast action, lets take a breath and start simply with intention.

After that afternoon at the farm, I hung my painting and I started drawing. I typically make a list of my garden and make up the plan as I go, while planting. But this year, I want to take the time to draw it first. To take a step back and see the beauty of what I can assist in creating. Than, I will get to work.

Only a couple more weeks before we can sow!!

Green thumb tip of the week : Plan out your garden! Draw it out, get creative. And please share with us, lets tap into passion, into everything else it means to nurture nature and grow food, and support ourselves and each other.

Lets inspire each other. This is what community does.



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