Eat Your Peas!

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs


Reduce Complexity, Grow Capacity!

That is my one line motto that helps me re-ground instantly with my vision, with the how I want (and love!) to live.

I have been clear for quite some time now as to what it is that I want, how it feels. Yet I had the silly habit of wanting it all perfectly and now and therefor would get scattered.

2022 has brought on oh so many surprises but with it the beautiful gift of slowing down! In a permaculture system we always look at water first as it the life force, and to fully harvest all of its power we look at how we can slow, sink and store it. I feel like this year it is what has happened with my energy, with that essence that makes me my bad-ass self. And I want to soak it in and use it to cultivate what my heart truly wants for a lifestyle.

So what does it actually look like?

It starts with planting seeds, and yes embrace diversity here! So this year I would like to fulfill a lot more of my human needs in a holistic way. I want to expand my garden. I’ve started harvesting plants and natural fibers and pairing up with local farmers to make a lot of my household products. And as I pause my full time work, I would like to diversify my income stream so it can be more representative of my offerings and be more meaningful. And.. I will learn how to take care of not one, but two human beans!

So I will be gentle, patient and loving with myself as I work with living systems and learn new things. I will fully take in every moment as I navigate these new grounds. And all my focus will be on love and nurturing, taking care of our most basic needs.


Go Go Green Thumbs!



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