Discussion Topic for the Week of Sept. 10 – Back to School

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion


For many of us modern gals, back to school is a most excellent proposition. Most excellent indeed! Learning is upon us!

This week, let’s tap into our inner learners – past, present, and future.

This is a bit of a wild card discussion topic, but that’s the foundation of the concept we are exploring together this week. No matter how you slice it, or when it happened in your life, learning rocks!

Think about this as the bigger picture we both lead and represent in this community of women.

Education is the great equalizer. 

The desire and the ability to learn excites and inspires all human beings – man and woman, young and old. All over the world; it unites us.

These days, it’s free and it’s accessible to almost all human beings.

This week, let’s celebrate that!

For your share tell us about your learning experiences. Do you have a favourite topic for which you create opportunities to deepen your understanding? Do you have a memory of a teacher? Do you remember the moment you learned something new, and it changed your life forever? Do you have a list of things you can’t wait to learn? Are you learning something new as we speak?!

It’s time to put your thinking caps on.

Let’s go back to school too!

Note: In keeping with the energies we are fortifying, it is important that you consciously do not language your post from the perspective of “regret” or “I wish I had learned…” This is lack. This is where so many people – especially women we connect with – live in their minds, consciously and unconsciously. When we write to this audience, we are showing (not telling) what is possible. You inspire so many women already. Help them to make their regrets, past experiences, or unsettled desires obsolete. Help them to see that anything is possible. With this topic specifically, the future is now, and achievable.

Ride on, Soul Sisters.

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