Lone Gunwoman

 In This Week's Topic

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Anontropolis


This is a drive-by shooting of a discussion topic for the week… but you’ll get it. It’s the sign of our times, and it’s a sign we can use to direct us in any given conversation.

Conscious conversation is both a weapon and a powerful creator.

I don’t watch the news. It just creates too much anxiety and fear. I do stay informed, however, by talking to people – actual people. If it concerns them, then I get to make the decision about how it concerns me. I look deeper into the things that matter, the things I can affect directly – or the things that affect the people I care about directly.


Can I do anything about it? 


I hate to write it out loud, but so often the answer is “not really, not immediately”, and it starts to give me that feeling of standing next to a car fire with my hands in my pockets.

Or worse, I start to judge others for fanning the fire – while standing next to it with their hands in their pockets too. There’s so much we can do in any given moment to have a positive effect on the world around us, by not just staying informed, but by making clear decisions about how we handle the current car fire.


Do we fan the fire? Do we judge others? Do we allow ourselves to be disempowered by that feeling of helplessness we experience?

This week, think about what kinds of information you pass along to others. Think about how it makes them feel.

If you are a lone gunwoman, walking into a crowd, are you protecting them and leading them into a conversation that leaves them feeling inspired and powerful, or are you arbitrarily shooting a hole in their day at close range?

If you are reading this, you know your thoughts have the power to create a world we can be proud of – one person at at a time. You know you affect every person you meet.

Can you bring peace to the world around you, with just a little conscious conversation? 

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