Discussion Topic for the Week of Sept. 3 – The Secret to Success

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Hello Ladies!

This week’s topic is going to be a bonus-round of sorts, a way of sealing in the reality of the incredible life you are living, and how that already is an expression of the vision you are wanting to create. Everything you think and do is an expression of you, and yet in the imagination, or planning stages of a dream life that we are wanting to create, we can easily slip into the state of mind where we need to become something or someone else in order to achieve that goal.

In short, we see the goal as something we need to work towards. What if instead, we were to re-frame that goal as a projection from within us, an already is, that is growing up into our lives like any other plant.

The flower is not achieved by the plant, but instead a natural part of the plant’s life-cycle. The flower is already inside the plant, and at each stage of growth towards the expression of the flower, the plant is considered a success because it is alive. We tend to it, giving it what it needs to thrive, and we naturally experience the entire growing cycle of the plant as a success.

We do not expect the plant to be or do something different than it already is to produce a flower. If that were true, the plant would pick a flower from somewhere else, and wear it like a hat. This is what we are doing when we put our dreams into the context of having to achieve them.

This week, let’s make that analogy a practical tool in our own lives. 

Put yourself into the context of a networking meeting, or coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a really long time, or more important, looking at yourself in the mirror. If they understand you as successful – because they sure do, you can’t hide that! – what are they seeing? How would they descibe you as successful? How would you describe them as successful? If you are two successful women meeting for the first time or the millionth time, how are you each successful?

What defines success? … especially if you understand that you already do?

For your share this week, tell us about 1 – 3 things that you already have or do in your life that satisfy your definition of success. Do you have a cool car? Do you have a beautiful website? Do you volunteer as a mentor for a youth group? Do you donate regularly to a food bank (this is philanthropy Ladies!). Do you wake up every morning to a beautiful view? Do you have rewarding and satisfying clients? 

Tell us how you are already living your definition of success. This is the practical application of last week where we zoomed in to acknowledge how the things we are wanting to create are already here. This is the “feeling” of already successful, which of course you already are. Big dreams and goals are a product of success, the flower, so to speak. Own the feeling. Make it present in your body and let it walk around with you. Let it be the energy other people see and feel when you walk into the room and shake their hands.

How are you a successful woman, on the way to the next example of your success?

Your dream life is the flower you are becoming.

You and your vision are one in the same.

Resonance already is.

Your dreams are an expression of you.

Own them.

Bonus-Bonus-Round: Find something that you can wear, carry around, do – something practical and physical – that is a reminder that you are already successful. Make it an every day part of your life. Show yourself that success is already present.

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