August 7 to August 13 Mooncast

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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing



Step Through the Gateway

This Saturday, August 8th, the Lions Gate Portal is fully activated, with the Moon in Aries’ fire sign. Over the next few days, get ready for old patterns to burn up in the atmosphere.

Communication with your higher self and past loved ones will show you exactly where to snip away excess threads from the tapestry of your life. Cutting away dead weight, and freeing you from the energetic patterns from your past. Its time to fearlessly step through the portals door.

The energy will even out on Wednesday the 12th when the moon transitions to its waning phase in Taurus. Ground through the heat Leo season brings, paying close attention to any intuitive downloads (daydreams) or dreams about your future. Reflect on what will be needed to birth these ideas into reality.

Witch Tip:

Intentionally walk through doorways in your surroundings. Picture yourself stepping into a complete version of yourself while passing through the threshold. This mindful tip will help you manifest your future plans, creating a physical portal to walk through.


As Above, So Below
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