August 15 to August 21 Mooncast

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing


New Moon, who’s this? It’s you, of course, full of self-love and confidence.


This new moon in Leo, take some time to celebrate YOU! You’re doing it! Do you even recognize yourself in the mirror? Can you see your worth? Notice how good it looks on you.

Reflect on the beginning of 2020. How has your life changed for the better? Take stock. Where are you experiencing emotional abundance? Where and how could you experience more?

The new moon gives us the opportunity to reflect, examine, and set new intentions for the coming cycle. What do you want to bring forward? What are you ready to leave behind?

The Leo new moon has you destined for stardom, set intentions that allow you to see how you shine.


Witch Tip: Cast a love spell on yourself. As you brush your teeth every morning, look into your eyes and say I LOVE YOU!


As Above, So Below



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