A Rainy Year…

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Patsy Lussier; Permaculture

The beauty of observing natural systems is the realization that not everything is perfect, unlike our cultural beliefs, not everything needs to be perfect either. Things simply are. Imperfections play an incredible role – an important role and it’s all about connectivity. Not only allowing the ebbs and flow, but utilizing them as an opportunity.

So on those rainy days, don’t become complacent, take a little time to observe, see what is needed and watch for the potential of what can happen next.

Spring brings me joy, as I genuinely look forward to the season of cultivating and foraging ahead. This makes me feel alive, and part of something bigger. I’ve realized sitting here this past while in stillness and mostly social isolation that I am a lot more social than I thought! Human connection is a real desire, a real need. This is a big reason why I love being part of Consciously Woman, and cultivating the connection with other aligned incredible women. Furthermore, I love the opportunity to hold space for myself and others to be courageous and use our voice. Speaking to my passion, this is my “social permaculture”.

So let’s enjoy the rain for what it is. It is necessary and beneficial for the bigger picture, for growth. Thank you for the space to show up, and teach this. I hope you feel the same!

This weeks teaching from the garden is oh so aligned, as I am watching the rhubarb sprout out of the ground. I actually added rhubarb to the entire perimeter of my garden patch for its natural ability to harvest water. This guy sure knows how to maximize a rainy day, for its own benefit as well as the soil’s and thus the entire system.

What’s my green thumb tip of the week? Let’s start thinking about what perennials we can add to our edible landscape. Take a look around – online or at your local store – and notice how beautiful some of them are. You could have your faves come back, year after year. It would be like having a natural grounds crew! Some, like Rhubarb, have “jobs” in our gardens.

Next week I’ll be chatting about some of their benefits and possibly designing a few of our own guilds.

Until then,

April showers bring May flowers 🌸 It’s a beautiful thing!

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