You Are the Sign

 In This Week's Topic

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Anontropolis




Ask not for whom the bell tolls. Be instead, the sign they were looking for. Be the reflection of their uncommon joy.

We’re always looking to create a call to action in each other’s minds with our posts here. It’s more about what we can take away from each woman’s post, and what we can explore within ourselves, rather than an info-session or weather report.

It’s big stuff between us. It’s big stuff out there!


This week, ask yourself:

Do you need a sign to confirm your incredible contribution to life? Do you need something external to reassure you that you are unique and valuable?

Do you really?

I’ll bet with a quick reality check – like we also do here in the way we co-inspire each other – you’ll confirm a deep belief in yourself. Self-doubt doesn’t last long here between us. Not really.


And now ask yourself:

Can you be someone else’s confirmation of that deep belief in self?


You never know where she was 10 minutes before she arrived in front of you. But you do know, you can point her in the right direction – the one that is whole, and free, and full of life.


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