Writer’s Intuition

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


She stepped onto the stage. The roar from the crowd lit up the theater, glancing left she quickly exited out the side door.

My intuition guides me in every day life, and in my writing. Through intuition I can fully understand my characters. Sometimes as much as I want a character or situation to fit, I know they must exit out the side door. It is for the good of my story.

Everyone loved her and said she was amazing. I couldn’t wait to meet her. When I finally met her my intuition gave me an awful feeling.

Since everyone loved her I began to question myself. Is it jealousy, uncertainty, my own shyness? She was nothing but nice. Why did my gut feel this way?

Her energy was draining me. I could only handle this beautiful soul in small chunks and that is okay. This way I avoid the drama storm that circles her. My intuition knows how to protect me from that energy.

Just as in life, my intuition guides me through the writing process and even pushes me to write. It wakes me up at night so I can scribble the rambles going on in my head. Intuition guides me to the perfect location and characters.

My intuition gives me a clear picture to follow. It is my guiding light.

What is your gut telling you?


Inspiration Challenge: Use your intuition while writing.


Write on, Ladies

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