Wnztar’s Dance

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


The crunching of her footsteps on the snow filled the air. She realized her element of surprise was gone. Winter is a season of eerie quiet, even the storms carry a scary silence. As you venture out into the cold every move you make echoes through out the night. I feel this way as a writer.

I do my work in a quiet area. The silence leads the way. The many adventures echo in my mind. As time passes I have pages of work.

My daily method is random. I let my mind decided what piece of the story we are writing today. This is fabulous in the moment, but now I have pages bouncing all over the place.

I wish putting a story together could be as simple as a dance. Ever flowing, gliding beautiful together, I can’t write like that. As neat and organized as I am, my writing is my chaos.

I have so many pieces written about Wnztar. She is my shining light. A woman so strong, independent, and powerful. I want to do her story justice.

The pieces are scattered about like a jigsaw puzzle. Right when I think the puzzle is complete I mix up the pieces. They have to be just right.

I trust the universe will guide me. My wish is to finish the first Wnztar saga. My first complete novel.

Inspiration Challenge:

Tell me about an area of chaos in your life?

Write On Ladies, Write On


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