When I Grow Up

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” If I heard that question once, I must have heard it hundreds of times. And, I knew but I didn’t have a word for it. I knew I wanted to help people get better, to which well-meaning adults would say, “oh you want to be a doctor.” If I really am honest with myself, I knew then that doctor wasn’t quite right, but I didn’t have a word to really describe what I knew to be true, but hadn’t yet come into my awareness. Then I tweaked it a bit, to say I want to help people learn. Again, “oh so you want to be a teacher.” Sort of. That one resonated a bit more, but again I didn’t know why this didn’t feel quite right. But I did end up working in a corporate role in Learning and Development and training roles, so close. But, also really so far.

It took me until adulthood to discover energy healing. Huna energy healing more specifically to realize, this is the thing I have wanted to be my whole life!

What is my vision for the healer in me? My vision is to start my day getting out of bed in pure joy. Excited to greet another day. Filled with joy for the work that I do, which really doesn’t feel like work, but feels more like fun. I see a thriving healing practice that outgrows my current healing space, and I see clients who are transforming their lives with Huna healing. I see clients coming to me for healing, and I see organizations coming to me to help on a larger basis with talks and book tours. I see a world transforming and healing through the ripple effect of the people that come into my awareness. The biggest piece of that vision is the long term goal of opening a healing centre, dedicated to helping people become the best and healthiest versions of themselves.

And how am I living this vision? I have a practice. I have lovingly called it Metamorphosis Healing. The choice of name is not a surprise, I have been enchanted by butterflies well before fully understanding their incredible transformation during their lifetimes. It feels that much more apropos to relate my Huna healing practice to this. As I have made a transformation, so do the clients I work with. I come complete with a healing space, business cards and a Facebook business page. And, I have clients. I am working in my joy. My client base is still growing which means that I have to be patient with my vision. It means I still moonlight in the corporate world. My lesson is to be patient with the universe as it unfolds.

It’s a vision in progress I like to say. The progress vision has brought me in contact with visionary collaborators, both in the Huna world and out (thank you CW!). And through these channels, which weren’t minutely detailed in my vision, the doors are opening wider. I can see this Healing Center in the horizon because now it’s not just me energizing that vision but it’s a group of like minded powerful creators also energizing that same vision. In the meantime, I continue to work with the clients who show up, ready to do the work of healing. I write with my heart and soul about the life Huna has, and continues, to create for me and those around me. And, and I collaborate with other supportive and incredibly talented people who just keep showing up in my life at precisely the right time to teach, challenge, inspire and co-create with me. The more I get out of my own way of trying and instead focus on enjoying the work that I do, the more the right opportunities are showing up. I honour this, sometimes with great difficulty, but I honour the process of setting that intention and allowing the rest will unfold as it should.

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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