What’s Your Sign?

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Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


It’s amazing, when you start to look for them, you see signs everywhere. I believe in signs. I truly feel it’s the outside world confirming my inner gut feeling. You know, that little internal knowing that sometimes I don’t fully believe or might even try to dismiss. It’s as though the universe sends a sign to say, “Hey you! Wake upFollow your gut!”

There are all sorts of signs. I see them in repeating numbers, I hear them in random song lyrics or overheard conversations, or even see them on licence plates. Some remind me to smile or be grateful. One of the best examples was when I was first approached to start blogging. Of course, I said yes, my inner child was jumping at the chance. Years of words unspoken were spilling over ready to be shared, and yet my logical mind was second-guessing. And what licence plate did I see? PUNKTU8. Come on! I should also mention that, at least for me, the signs are often laden with humour. So thus the over-thinker was silenced, and the writer came out to play.

I think my little blackboard in the sky has always been there. I just think I wasn’t looking at it from the right lens. When my son was really sick and the rest of our family was sick and tired from worry, I remember feeling helpless and alone. Prior to that, in my early 20s, while struggling with depression and anxiety, I remember again feeling as though I didn’t know where to turn. In both of these moments, years apart, I do remember asking the universe for signs. But, specifically, to make them so clear as to not be mistaken. I wanted a chalkboard just for me; clearly written so I couldn’t mistake it, one that said “MELANIE! WAKE UP! DO THE FOLLOWING“.  In those moments I wasn’t able to see the signs right in front of my face. And while they didn’t say my name, there were repeating numbers, licence plates, songs on the radio, all pointing and showing me the way.

I see them now. When my son was sick my whole world turned upside down. And maybe if I look closely I could even argue that it turned right side up. It forced me to look at life through a new lens. Energy healing showed up in my life. Meditation showed up in my life. And then so did the signs. Butterflies were my sign. I meditated for peace, for clarity in thinking, and mostly for strength in a time that I felt truly alone. Butterflies started showing up, even off-season, on someone’s scarf or pin. At first, they would bring me tears. Tears of joy to feel like I was truly taken care of. Tears of gratitude because I was finally feeling like the universe, dare I say angels, were sending me a message of comfort and reminding me that they were right there with me. After my aunt passed there were butterflies everywhere. Even to this day, the butterfly seems to show up when I am facing a new challenge (or learning). They bring me peace and comfort. I love them! No coincidence that my healing practice is named after the metamorphosis of this beautiful creature.

There are other signs too. As I was growing into my energy healing work I was curious on all levels and tried to learn as much as I could. I got a deck of oracle cards and then another and then another. I was drawn to their empowering messages, and often times the imagery spoke to me. Needless to say I would play with the cards. After morning meditation I would shuffle the deck and draw a card for my message of the day. One morning I pulled a card whose essence said to stay away from caffeine. What?!? Crazy. I put the card back. And shuffled the deck really well to pull a “better card”. I pulled the same card three more times! I took a little break from caffeine and then later re-introduced it, in moderation. It’s funny that caffeine has re-emerged as a sign for me. A couple weeks ago on a Sunday morning I thought to myself “I need a second cup of coffee”. My inner voice spoke up and said “drink some water, it’s not coffee you need”. I promptly ignored that inner voice and attempted to make a second cup of coffee. I ended up spilling the coffee grinds all over the kitchen floor. Laugh out loud now. This reinforced another thing I learned about signs. They are everywhere. And if you ignore them, they become louder and possibly more painful. Not that cleaning coffee grounds off the floor is necessarily painful, though it was a pain the butt. But it was finally loud enough for me to hear it.

Songs are signs too. Ever turn on the radio and all the songs seem to have the same theme? As though they are trying to tell you something? Yes. For me, the Rachel Platten “Fight Song” is etched in my soul. It showed up for me when I was metamorphosing. Shedding my old beliefs, paradigms, and coming into energy healing, and allowing and trusting that my son was truly healing. I even sang it to my kids at night before sleep to empower their dreams. When it comes on the radio it’s like an affirmation, saying “you did it”.

Whether the sign be a humourous licence plate or billboard I always say, “Thank you,” out loud. Thank you for the signs guiding my way and holding my hand. And thank you for showing up when I least expect it, and probably also when I need it the most.

I love signs. What’s your sign?



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